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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Genetic Polymorphism of Main Lactoproteins of Romanian Grey Steppe Breed in Preservation},
  author    = {Şt. Creangâ and  V. Maciuc and  A.V. Bâlteanu and  S.S. Chelmu},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {The paper presents a part of the results obtained in a
complex research project on Romanian Grey Steppe breed, owner of
some remarkable qualities such as hardiness, longevity, adaptability,
special resistance to ban weather and diseases and included in the
genetic fund (G.D. no. 822/2008.) from Romania.
Following the researches effectuated, we identified alleles of six
loci, codifying the six types of major milk proteins: alpha-casein S1
(α S1-cz); beta-casein (β-cz); kappa-casein (K-cz); beta-lactoglobulin
(β-lg); alpha-lactalbumin (α-la) and alpha-casein S2 (α S2-cz). In
system αS1-cz allele αs1-Cn B has the highest frequency (0.700), in
system β-cz allele β-Cn A2 ( 0.550 ), in system K-cz allele k-CnA2 (
0.583 ) and heterozygote genotype AB ( 0.416 ) and BB (0.375), in
system β-lg allele β-lgA1 has the highest frequency (0.542 ) and
heterozygote genotype AB ( 0.500 ), in system α-la there is
monomorphism for allele α-la B and similarly in system αS2-cz for
allele αs2-Cn A.
The milk analysis by the isoelectric focalization technique (I.E.F.)
allowed the identification of a new allele for locus αS1-casein, for two
of the individuals under analysis, namely allele called αS1-casein
IRV. When experiments were repeated, we noticed that this is not a
proteolysis band and it really was a new allele that has not been
registered in the specialized literature so far. We identified two
heterozygote individuals, carriers of this allele, namely: BIRV and
CIRV. This discovery is extremely important if focus is laid on the
national genetic patrimony.},
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