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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A Hybrid Ontology Based Approach for Ranking Documents},
  author    = {Sarah Motiee and  Azadeh Nematzadeh and  Mehrnoush Shamsfard},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Increasing growth of information volume in the
internet causes an increasing need to develop new (semi)automatic
methods for retrieval of documents and ranking them according to
their relevance to the user query. In this paper, after a brief review
on ranking models, a new ontology based approach for ranking
HTML documents is proposed and evaluated in various
circumstances. Our approach is a combination of conceptual,
statistical and linguistic methods. This combination reserves the
precision of ranking without loosing the speed. Our approach
exploits natural language processing techniques to extract phrases
from documents and the query and doing stemming on words. Then
an ontology based conceptual method will be used to annotate
documents and expand the query. To expand a query the spread
activation algorithm is improved so that the expansion can be done
flexible and in various aspects. The annotated documents and the
expanded query will be processed to compute the relevance degree
exploiting statistical methods. The outstanding features of our
approach are (1) combining conceptual, statistical and linguistic
features of documents, (2) expanding the query with its related
concepts before comparing to documents, (3) extracting and using
both words and phrases to compute relevance degree, (4) improving
the spread activation algorithm to do the expansion based on
weighted combination of different conceptual relationships and (5)
allowing variable document vector dimensions. A ranking system
called ORank is developed to implement and test the proposed
model. The test results will be included at the end of the paper.},
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