Open Science Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A M. Khelil and  M. Boudraa and  A. Kechida and  R. Drai
%D 2007 
%J  International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 9, 2007
%T Classification of Defects by the SVM Method and the Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
%V 9
%X Analyses carried out on examples of detected defects
echoes showed clearly that one can describe these detected forms according to a whole of characteristic parameters in order to be able to make discrimination between a planar defect and a volumic defect.
This work answers to a problem of ultrasonics NDT like Identification of the defects. The problems as well as the objective of
this realized work, are divided in three parts: Extractions of the parameters of wavelets from the ultrasonic echo of the detected defect - the second part is devoted to principal components analysis
(PCA) for optimization of the attributes vector. And finally to establish the algorithm of classification (SVM, Support Vector Machine) which allows discrimination between a plane defect and a
volumic defect. We have completed this work by a conclusion where we draw up a summary of the completed works, as well as the robustness of the
various algorithms proposed in this study.
%P 1454 - 1459