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  title    = {Trispectral Analysis of Voiced Sounds Defective Audition and Tracheotomisian Cases},
  author    = {H. Maalem and  F. Marir},
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  abstract  = {This paper presents the cepstral and trispectral
analysis of a speech signal produced by normal men, men with
defective audition (deaf, deep deaf) and others affected by
tracheotomy, the trispectral analysis based on parametric methods
(Autoregressive AR) using the fourth order cumulant. These
analyses are used to detect and compare the pitches and the formants
of corresponding voiced sounds (vowel \a\, \i\ and \u\). The first
results appear promising, since- it seems after several experimentsthere
is no deformation of the spectrum as one could have supposed
it at the beginning, however these pathologies influenced the two
The defective audition influences to the formants contrary to the
tracheotomy, which influences the fundamental frequency (pitch).},
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