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@article{(International Science Index):,
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  author    = {Nerey H. Mvungi and  Justinian Anatory and  Fatuma Simba},
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  institution={University of Dar es Salaam},
  abstract  = {Digital broadcasting has been an area of active
research, development, innovation and business models development
in recent years. This paper presents a survey on the characteristics of
the digital terrestrial television broadcasting (DTTB) standards, and
implementation status of DTTB worldwide showing the standards
adopted. It is clear that only the developed countries and some in the
developing ones shall be able to beat the ITU set analogue to digital
broadcasting migration deadline because of the challenges that these
countries faces in digitizing their terrestrial broadcasting. The
challenges to keep on track the DTTB migration plan are also
discussed in this paper. They include financial, technology gap,
policies alignment with DTTB technology, etc. The reported
performance comparisons for the different standards are also
presented. The interesting part is that the results for many
comparative studies depends to a large extent on the objective behind
such studies, hence counter claims are common.},
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