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  title    = {Perspectives on Neuropsychological Testimony},
  author    = {Valene J. Gresham and  MA and  Laura A. Brodie},
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  abstract  = {For the last decade, statistics show traumatic brain
injury (TBI) is a growing concern in our legal system. In an effort to
obtain data regarding the influence of neuropsychological expert
witness testimony in a criminal case, this study tested three
hypotheses. H1: The majority of jurors will vote not guilty, due to
mild head injury. H2: The jurors will give more credence to the
testimony of the neuropsychologist rather than the psychiatrist. H3:
The jurors will be more lenient in their sentencing, given the
testimony of the neuropsychologist-s testimony. The criterion for
inclusion in the study as a participant is identical to those used for
inclusion in the eligibility for jury duty in the United States. A chisquared
test was performed to analyze the data for the three
hypotheses. The results supported all of the hypotheses; however
statistical significance was seen in H1 and H2 only.},
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