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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Control of Vibrations in Flexible Smart Structures using Fast Output Sampling Feedback Technique},
  author    = {T.C. Manjunath and  B. Bandyopadhyay},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {This paper features the modeling and design of a Fast
Output Sampling (FOS) Feedback control technique for the Active
Vibration Control (AVC) of a smart flexible aluminium cantilever
beam for a Single Input Single Output (SISO) case. Controllers are
designed for the beam by bonding patches of piezoelectric layer as
sensor / actuator to the master structure at different locations along
the length of the beam by retaining the first 2 dominant vibratory
modes. The entire structure is modeled in state space form using the
concept of piezoelectric theory, Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, Finite
Element Method (FEM) and the state space techniques by dividing
the structure into 3, 4, 5 finite elements, thus giving rise to three
types of systems, viz., system 1 (beam divided into 3 finite
elements), system 2 (4 finite elements), system 3 (5 finite elements).
The effect of placing the sensor / actuator at various locations along
the length of the beam for all the 3 types of systems considered is
observed and the conclusions are drawn for the best performance and
for the smallest magnitude of the control input required to control the
vibrations of the beam. Simulations are performed in MATLAB. The
open loop responses, closed loop responses and the tip displacements
with and without the controller are obtained and the performance of
the proposed smart system is evaluated for vibration control.},
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