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  abstract  = {This study was designed to determine effect of
supplemented tomato pomace and fobrolytic enzyme on egg
production and egg quality. A total of 40 CP brown laying hens (95
week old) were used in completely randomized design in 2x2
factorial arrangement with or without enzyme supplementation. Four
dietary treatments included: Control (C), Fibrolytic enzyme (FE),
10% Tomato pomace (TP), and Fibrolytic enzyme + 10 % Tomato
pomace (FE+TP). Each of the four dietary treatments was fed up to
30 days (10 birds/treatment). Live performance, egg production, egg
weight and quality were determined for whole period. Dietary
treatments had no effect (P>0.05) on live performance, egg weight,
yolk color, and egg production. Therefore, laying hens fed diets with
fibrolytic enzyme were significantly (P},
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