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  title    = {Parametric Analysis of Effective Factors on the Seismic Rehabilitation of the Foundations by Network Micropile},
  author    = {Keivan Abdollahi and  Alireza Mortezaei},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {The main objective of seismic rehabilitation in the
foundations is decreasing the range of horizontal and vertical
vibrations and omitting high frequencies contents under the seismic
loading. In this regard, the advantages of micropiles network is
utilized. Reduction in vibration range of foundation can be achieved
by using high dynamic rigidness module such as deep foundations. In
addition, natural frequency of pile and soil system increases in regard
to rising of system rigidness. Accordingly, the main strategy is
decreasing of horizontal and vertical seismic vibrations of the
structure. In this case, considering the impact of foundation, pile and
improved soil foundation is a primary concern. Therefore, in this
paper, effective factors are studied on the seismic rehabilitation of
foundations applying network micropiles in sandy soils with
nonlinear reaction.},
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