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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Simulation Modeling of Fire Station Locations under Traffic Obstacles},
  author    = {Mehmet Savsar},
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  institution={Kuwait University},
  abstract  = {Facility location problem involves locating a facility
to optimize some performance measures. Location of a public facility
to serve the community, such as a fire station, significantly affects its
service quality. Main objective in locating a fire station is to
minimize the response time, which is the time duration between
receiving a call and reaching the place of incident. In metropolitan
areas, fire vehicles need to cross highways and other traffic obstacles
through some obstacle-overcoming points which delay the response
time. In this paper, fire station location problem is analyzed.
Simulation models are developed for the location problems which
involve obstacles. Particular case problems are analyzed and the
results are presented.},
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