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%0 Journal Article
%A Amir Gandomkar
%D 2012 
%J  International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 61, 2012
%T Sustainable Development and Kish Island Environment Protection, using Wind Energy
%U http://waset.org/publications/5613
%V 61
%X Kish Islands in South of Iran is located in coastal
water near Hormozgan Province. Based on the wind 3-hour statistics
in Kish station, the mean annual windspeed in this Island is 8.6 knot
(4.3 m/s). The maximum windspeed recorded in this stations 47 knot
(23.5 m/s). In 45.7 percent of recorded times, windspeed has been
Zero or less than 8 knot which is not suitable to use the wind energy.
But in 54.3 percent of recorded times, windspeed has been more than
8 knot and suitable to use wind energy to run turbines. In 40.2
percent of recorded times, windspeed has been between 8 to 16 knot,
in 13 percent of times between 16 to 24 knot and in 1 percent of
times it has been higher than 24 knot. In this station, the direction of
winds higher than 8 is west and wind direction in Kish station is
stable in most times of the year.With regard to high – speed and
stable direction winds during the year and also shallow coasts near
this is land, it is possible to build offshore wind farms near Kish
Island and utilize wind energy produce the electricity required in this
Island during most of the year.
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