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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Utilization of 3-N-trimethylamino-1-propanol by Rhodococcus sp. strain A4 isolated from Natural Soil},
  author    = {Isam A. Mohamed Ahmed and  Jiro Arima and  Tsuyoshi Ichiyanagi and  Emi Sakuno and  Nobuhiro Mori},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {The aim of this study was to screen for
microorganism that able to utilize 3-N-trimethylamino-1-propanol
(homocholine) as a sole source of carbon and nitrogen. The aerobic
degradation of homocholine has been found by a gram-positive
Rhodococcus sp. bacterium isolated from soil. The isolate was
identified as Rhodococcus sp. strain A4 based on the phenotypic
features, physiologic and biochemical characteristics, and
phylogenetic analysis. The cells of the isolated strain grown on both
basal-TMAP and nutrient agar medium displayed elementary
branching mycelia fragmented into irregular rod and coccoid
elements. Comparative 16S rDNA sequencing studies indicated that
the strain A4 falls into the Rhodococcus erythropolis subclade and
forms a monophyletic group with the type-strains of R. opacus, and
R. wratislaviensis. Metabolites analysis by capillary electrophoresis,
fast atom bombardment-mass spectrometry, and gas
chromatography- mass spectrometry, showed trimethylamine (TMA)
as the major metabolite beside β-alanine betaine and
trimethylaminopropionaldehyde. Therefore, the possible degradation
pathway of trimethylamino propanol in the isolated strain is through
consequence oxidation of alcohol group (-OH) to aldehyde (-CHO)
and acid (-COOH), and thereafter the cleavage of β-alanine betaine
C-N bonds yielded trimethylamine and alkyl chain.},
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