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Norharyati Md Ariff},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Glaucoma diagnosis involves extracting three features
of the fundus image; optic cup, optic disc and vernacular. Present
manual diagnosis is expensive, tedious and time consuming. A
number of researches have been conducted to automate this process.
However, the variability between the diagnostic capability of an
automated system and ophthalmologist has yet to be established. This
paper discusses the efficiency and variability between
ophthalmologist opinion and digital technique; threshold. The
efficiency and variability measures are based on image quality
grading; poor, satisfactory or good. The images are separated into
four channels; gray, red, green and blue. A scientific investigation
was conducted on three ophthalmologists who graded the images
based on the image quality. The images are threshold using multithresholding
and graded as done by the ophthalmologist. A
comparison of grade from the ophthalmologist and threshold is made.
The results show there is a small variability between result of
ophthalmologists and digital threshold.},
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