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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Comparison of the Parameter using ECG with Bisepctrum Parameter using EEG during General Anesthesia},
  author    = {Seong-wan Baik and  Soo-young Ye and  Byeong-cheol Choi and  Gye-rok Jeon},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {The measurement of anesthetic depth is necessary in
anesthesiology. NN10 is very simple method among the RR intervals
analysis methods. NN10 parameter means the numbers of above the 10
ms intervals of the normal to normal RR intervals.
Bispectrum analysis is defined as 2D FFT. EEG signal reflected the
non-linear peristalsis phenomena according to the change brain
function. After analyzing the bispectrum of the 2 dimension, the most
significant power spectrum density peaks appeared abundantly at the
specific area in awakening and anesthesia state. These points are
utilized to create the new index since many peaks appeared at the
specific area in the frequency coordinate. The measured range of an
index was 0-100. An index is 20-50 at an anesthesia, while the index is
90-60 at the awake.
In this paper, the relation between NN10 parameter using ECG and
bisepctrum index using EEG is observed to estimate the depth of
anesthesia during anesthesia and then we estimated the utility of the
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