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@article{(International Science Index):,
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  abstract  = {Block replacement algorithms to increase hit ratio
have been extensively used in cache memory management. Among
basic replacement schemes, LRU and FIFO have been shown to be
effective replacement algorithms in terms of hit rates. In this paper,
we introduce a flexible stack-based circuit which can be employed in
hardware implementation of both LRU and FIFO policies. We
propose a simple and efficient architecture such that stack-based
replacement algorithms can be implemented without the drawbacks
of the traditional architectures. The stack is modular and hence, a set
of stack rows can be cascaded depending on the number of blocks in
each cache set. Our circuit can be implemented in conjunction with
the cache controller and static/dynamic memories to form a cache
system. Experimental results exhibit that our proposed circuit
provides an average value of 26% improvement in storage bits and its
maximum operating frequency is increased by a factor of two},
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