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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Analysis of Delay and Throughput in MANET for DSR Protocol},
  author    = {Kumar Manoj and  Ramesh Kumar and  Kumari Arti},
  country   = {Saudi Arabia},
  institution={Buraidah Private College},
  abstract  = {A wireless Ad-hoc network consists of wireless nodes
communicating without the need for a centralized administration, in
which all nodes potentially contribute to the routing process.In this
paper, we report the simulation results of four different scenarios for
wireless ad hoc networks having thirty nodes. The performances of
proposed networks are evaluated in terms of number of hops per
route, delay and throughput with the help of OPNET simulator.
Channel speed 1 Mbps and simulation time 600 sim-seconds were
taken for all scenarios. For the above analysis DSR routing protocols
has been used. The throughput obtained from the above analysis
(four scenario) are compared as shown in Figure 3. The average
media access delay at node_20 for two routes and at node_20 for four
different scenario are compared as shown in Figures 4 and 5. It is
observed that the throughput will degrade when it will follow
different hops for same source to destination (i.e. it has dropped from
1.55 Mbps to 1.43 Mbps which is around 9.7%, and then dropped to
0.48Mbps which is around 35%).},
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