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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Current Controlled Current Conveyor (CCCII)and Application using 65nm CMOS Technology},
  author    = {Zia Abbas and  Giuseppe Scotti and  Mauro Olivieri},
  country   = {Italy},
  institution={University of Rome "La Sapienza"},
  abstract  = {Current mode circuits like current conveyors are
getting significant attention in current analog ICs design due to their
higher band-width, greater linearity, larger dynamic range, simpler
circuitry, lower power consumption and less chip area. The second
generation current controlled conveyor (CCCII) has the advantage of
electronic adjustability over the CCII i.e. in CCCII; adjustment of the
X-terminal intrinsic resistance via a bias current is possible. The
presented approach is based on the CMOS implementation of second
generation positive (CCCII+), negative (CCCII-) and dual Output
Current Controlled Conveyor (DOCCCII) and its application as
Universal filter. All the circuits have been designed and simulated
using 65nm CMOS technology model parameters on Cadence
Virtuoso / Spectre using 1V supply voltage. Various simulations have
been carried out to verify the linearity between output and input
ports, range of operation frequency, etc. The outcomes show good
agreement between expected and experimental results.},
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