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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Dynamic Window Secured Implicit Geographic Forwarding Routing for Wireless Sensor Network},
  author    = {Z.M. Hanapi and  M. Ismail and  K. Jumari and  M. Mahdavi},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Routing security is a major concerned in Wireless
Sensor Network since a large scale of unattended nodes is deployed
in ad hoc fashion with no possibility of a global addressing due to a
limitation of node-s memory and the node have to be self organizing
when the systems require a connection with the other nodes. It
becomes more challenging when the nodes have to act as the router
and tightly constrained on energy and computational capabilities
where any existing security mechanisms are not allowed to be fitted
directly. These reasons thus increasing vulnerabilities to the network
layer particularly and to the whole network, generally. In this paper,
a Dynamic Window Secured Implicit Geographic Forwarding
(DWSIGF) routing is presented where a dynamic time is used for
collection window to collect Clear to Send (CTS) control packet in
order to find an appropriate hoping node. The DWIGF is expected to
minimize a chance to select an attacker as the hoping node that
caused by a blackhole attack that happen because of the CTS rushing
attack, which promise a good network performance with high packet
delivery ratios.},
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