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  abstract  = {The production of devices in nanoscale with specific
molecular rectifying function is one of the most significant goals in
state-of-art technology. In this work we show by ab initio quantum
mechanics calculations coupled with non-equilibrium Green
function, the design of an organic two-terminal device. These
molecular structures have molecular source and drain with several
bridge length (from five up to 11 double bonds). Our results are
consistent with significant features as a molecular rectifier and can be
raised up as: (a) it can be used as bi-directional symmetrical rectifier;
(b) two devices integrated in one (FET with one operational region,
and Thyristor thiristor); (c) Inherent stability due small intrinsic
capacitance under forward/reverse bias. We utilize a scheme for the
transport mechanism based on previous properties of ¤Ç bonds type
that can be successfully utilized to construct organic nanodevices.},
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