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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Bayesian Network Model for Students- Laboratory Work Performance Assessment: An Empirical Investigation of the Optimal Construction Approach},
  author    = {Ifeyinwa E. Achumba and  Djamel Azzi and  Rinat Khusainov},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {There are three approaches to complete Bayesian
Network (BN) model construction: total expert-centred, total datacentred,
and semi data-centred. These three approaches constitute the
basis of the empirical investigation undertaken and reported in this
paper. The objective is to determine, amongst these three
approaches, which is the optimal approach for the construction of a
BN-based model for the performance assessment of students-
laboratory work in a virtual electronic laboratory environment. BN
models were constructed using all three approaches, with respect to
the focus domain, and compared using a set of optimality criteria. In
addition, the impact of the size and source of the training, on the
performance of total data-centred and semi data-centred models was
investigated. The results of the investigation provide additional
insight for BN model constructors and contribute to literature
providing supportive evidence for the conceptual feasibility and
efficiency of structure and parameter learning from data. In addition,
the results highlight other interesting themes.},
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