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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Diffusion of Mobile Entertainment in Malaysia: Drivers and Barriers},
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  abstract  = {This research aims to examine the key success factors
for the diffusion of mobile entertainment services in Malaysia. The
drivers and barriers observed in this research include perceived
benefit; concerns pertaining to pricing, product and technological
standardization, privacy and security; as well as influences from
peers and community. An analysis of a Malaysian survey of 384
respondents between 18 to 25 years shows that subscribers placed
greater importance on perceived benefit of mobile entertainment
services compared to other factors. Results of the survey also show
that there are strong positive correlations between all the factors,
with pricing issue–perceived benefit showing the strongest
relationship. This paper aims to provide an extensive study on the
drivers and barriers that could be used to derive architecture for
entertainment service provision to serve as a guide for telcos to
outline suitable approaches in order to encourage mass market
adoption of mobile entertainment services in Malaysia.},
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