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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Ensemble Learning with Decision Tree for Remote Sensing Classification},
  author    = {Mahesh Pal},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {In recent years, a number of works proposing the
combination of multiple classifiers to produce a single
classification have been reported in remote sensing literature. The
resulting classifier, referred to as an ensemble classifier, is
generally found to be more accurate than any of the individual
classifiers making up the ensemble. As accuracy is the primary
concern, much of the research in the field of land cover
classification is focused on improving classification accuracy. This
study compares the performance of four ensemble approaches
(boosting, bagging, DECORATE and random subspace) with a
univariate decision tree as base classifier. Two training datasets,
one without ant noise and other with 20 percent noise was used to
judge the performance of different ensemble approaches. Results
with noise free data set suggest an improvement of about 4% in
classification accuracy with all ensemble approaches in
comparison to the results provided by univariate decision tree
classifier. Highest classification accuracy of 87.43% was achieved
by boosted decision tree. A comparison of results with noisy data
set suggests that bagging, DECORATE and random subspace
approaches works well with this data whereas the performance of
boosted decision tree degrades and a classification accuracy of
79.7% is achieved which is even lower than that is achieved (i.e.
80.02%) by using unboosted decision tree classifier.},
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