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  title    = {Development and Assessment of Measuring/Rehabilitation Device for Myelopathy Patients with Lower Extremity Function},
  author    = {Hironobu Murayama and  Shohei Shimizu and  Masakazu Ohnuki and  Hisanori Mihara and  Tohru Kanada},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Disordered function of maniphalanx and difficulty with
ambulation will occur insofar as a human has a failure in the spinal
marrow. Cervical spondylotic myelopathy as one of the myelopathy
emanates from not only external factors but also increased age. In
addition, the diacrisis is difficult since cervical spondylotic
myelopathy is evaluated by a doctor-s neurological remark and
imaging findings. As a quantitative method for measuring the degree
of disability, hand-operated triangle step test (for short, TST) has
formulated. In this research, a full automatic triangle step counter
apparatus is designed and developed to measure the degree of
disability in an accurate fashion according to the principle of TST. The
step counter apparatus whose shape is a low triangle pole displays the
number of stepping upon each corner. Furthermore, the apparatus has
two modes of operation. Namely, one is for measuring the degree of
disability and the other for rehabilitation exercise. In terms of
usefulness, clinical practice should be executed before too long.},
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