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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/7652,
  title    = {Envelope Echo Signal of Metal Sphere in the Fresh Water},
  author    = {A. Mahfurdz and  Sunardi and  H. Ahmad},
  country   = {Malaysia},
  institution={Sultan Ahmad Shah Polytechnic },
  abstract  = {An envelope echo signal measurement is proposed in
this paper using echo signal observation from the 200 kHz echo
sounder receiver. The envelope signal without any object is compared
with the envelope signal of the sphere. Two diameter size steel ball
(3.1 cm & 2.2 cm) and two diameter size air filled stainless steel ball
(4.8 cm & 7.4 cm) used in this experiment. The target was positioned
about 0.5 m and 1.0 meter from the transducer face using nylon rope.
From the echo observation in time domain, it is obviously shown that
echo signal structure is different between the size, distance and type
of metal sphere. The amplitude envelope voltage for the bigger
sphere is higher compare to the small sphere and it confirm that the
bigger sphere have higher target strength compare to the small
sphere. Although the structure signal without any object are different
compare to the signal from the sphere, the reflected signal from the
tank floor increase linearly with the sphere size. We considered this
event happened because of the object position approximately to the
tank floor.},
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