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  title    = {Volume Fraction Law for Stainless Steel on Inner Surface and Nickel on Outer Surface For FGM Cylindrical Shell},
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  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Vibration of thin cylindrical shells made of a
functionally gradient material composed of stainless steel and nickel
is presented. The effects of the FGM configuration are studied by
studying the frequencies of FG cylindrical shells. In this case FG
cylindrical shell has Nickel on its outer surface and stainless steel on
its inner surface. The study is carried out based on third order shear
deformation shell theory. The objective is to study the natural
frequencies, the influence of constituent volume fractions and the
effects of configurations of the constituent materials on the
frequencies. The properties are graded in the thickness direction
according to the volume fraction power-law distribution. Results are
presented on the frequency characteristics, the influence of the
constituent various volume fractions on the frequencies.},
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