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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm forMultiobjective Image Segmentation},
  author    = {Hichem Talbi and  Mohamed Batouche and  Amer Draa},
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  abstract  = {In this paper we present a new approach to deal with
image segmentation. The fact that a single segmentation result do not
generally allow a higher level process to take into account all the
elements included in the image has motivated the consideration of
image segmentation as a multiobjective optimization problem. The
proposed algorithm adopts a split/merge strategy that uses the result
of the k-means algorithm as input for a quantum evolutionary
algorithm to establish a set of non-dominated solutions. The
evaluation is made simultaneously according to two distinct features:
intra-region homogeneity and inter-region heterogeneity. The
experimentation of the new approach on natural images has proved
its efficiency and usefulness.},
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