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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/7849,
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  author    = {Osamah A. Alsayegh},
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  institution={Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research},
  abstract  = {Kuwait-s electric power system is vertically integrated
organization owned and operated by the government. For more than
five decades, the government of Kuwait has provided relatively
reliable electric services to consumers with subsidized electric
service fees. Given the country-s rapid socio-economical
development and consequently the increase of electricity demand, a
question that inflicts itself: Is it necessary to reform the power system
to face the fast growing demand? This paper recommends that the
government should consider the private sector as a partner in
operating the power system. Therefore, power system restructuring is
needed to allow such partnership. There are challenges that prevent
such restructuring. Abstract recommendations toward resolving these
challenges are proposed.},
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