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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/7869,
  title    = {Thailand Throne Hall Architecture in the Grand Palace in the Early Days of Ratthanakosin Era},
  author    = {Somchai Seviset and  Lin Jian Qun},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Amarindra-vinitchai-mahaisuraya Bhiman throne hall
is one of the most significant throne halls in the grand palace in the
Ratthanakosin city situated in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the first
group of throne halls built in order to serve as a place for meetings,
performing state affairs and royal duties until the present time. The
structure and pattern of architectural design including the decoration
and interior design of the throne hall obviously exhibits and convey
the status of the king under the context of Thai society in the early
period of Ratthanakosin era. According to the tradition of ruling the
kingdom in absolute monarchy which had been in place since
Ayutthaya era (A.D.1350-1767), the king was deemed as Deva Raja,
the highest power and authority over the kingdom and as the greatest
emperor of the universe (Chakkravatin). The architectural design
adopted the concept of “Prasada" or Viman which served as the
dwelling place of the gods and was presented in the form of “Thai
traditional architecture" For the interior design of the throne hall, it
had been adopted to be the heaven and the centre of the Universe in
line with the cosmological beliefs of ancient people described in
scripture Tribhumikatha (Tri Bhumi) written by Phra Maha Thamma
Raja (Phraya Lithai) of the Sukhothai era (A.D.1347-1368).
According to this belief, the throne hall had been designed to represent
mount Meru, the central of the universe. On the top end of Mount
Meru is situated the Viman and dwelling place of Indra who is the king
of gods according to the idea of Deva Raja (the king god Avatar). At
the same time, Indra also existed as the king of the universe
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