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  title    = {Effect of Abdominal Exercises versus Abdominal Supporting Belt on Post-Partum Abdominal Efficiency and Rectus Separation},
  author    = {Hanan S. El-Mekawy and  Abeer M. Eldeeb and  Marzouk A. El- Lythy and  Adel F. El-Begawy},
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  abstract  = {This study was conducted to determine the
effect of abdominal exercises versus abdominal supporting
belt on abdominal efficiency and inter-recti separation
following vaginal delivery.30 primiparous post-natal women
participated in this study. Their age ranged from (25 - 35)
years and their BMI < 30 Kg/m2. Participants were assigned
randomly into 2groups, participants of group (A) used
abdominal belt from the 2nd day following delivery, till the end
of puerperium (6 weeks), while participants of group (B)
engaged into abdominal exercises program from the 2nd day
following delivery for 6 weeks. The results of the present
study revealed that although there was no statistical difference
in waist circumference between both groups, participation in
abdominal exercise program produced a pronounced reduction
in waist/hip ratio, and inter-recti separation and also caused
significant increase in abdominal muscles strength (peak
torque, maximum repetition total work and average power)
higher than the use of abdominal belt.},
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