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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {An Approach to Concerns and Aspects Mining for Web Applications},
  author    = {Carlo Bellettini and  Alessandro Marchetto and  Andrea Trentini},
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  abstract  = {Web applications have become very complex and
crucial, especially when combined with areas such as CRM
(Customer Relationship Management) and BPR (Business Process
Reengineering), the scientific community has focused attention to
Web applications design, development, analysis, and testing, by
studying and proposing methodologies and tools. This paper
proposes an approach to automatic multi-dimensional concern
mining for Web Applications, based on concepts analysis, impact
analysis, and token-based concern identification. This approach lets
the user to analyse and traverse Web software relevant to a particular
concern (concept, goal, purpose, etc.) via multi-dimensional
separation of concerns, to document, understand and test Web
applications. This technique was developed in the context of WAAT
(Web Applications Analysis and Testing) project. A semi-automatic
tool to support this technique is currently under development.},
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