Scholarly Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A Snezana Rajkovic and  Miroslava Markovic and  Radoslav Rajkovic and  Ljubinko Rakonjac
%D 2013 
%J  International Journal of Biological, Biomolecular, Agricultural, Food and Biotechnological Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 78, 2013
%T Biofungicide Trichodex WP
%V 78
%X Grey mold on grape is caused by the fungus Botrytis
cinerea Pers. Trichodex WP, a new biofungicide, that contains fungal
spores of Trichoderma harzianum Rifai, was used for biological
control of Grey mold on grape. The efficacy of Trichodex WP has
been reported from many experiments. Experiments were carried out
in the locality – Banatski Karlovac, on grapevine species – talijanski
rizling. The trials were set according to instructions of methods
PP1/152(2) and PP1/17(3) , according to a fully randomized block
design. Phytotoxicity was estimated by PP methods 1/135(2), the
intensity of infection according to Towsend Heuberger , the
efficiency by Abbott, the analysis of variance with Duncan test and
PP/181(2). Application of Trichodex WP is limited to the first two
treatments. Other treatments are performed with the fungicides based
on a.i. procymidone, vinclozoline and iprodione.
%P 449 - 453