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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Burstiness Reduction of a Doubly Stochastic AR-Modeled Uniform Activity VBR Video},
  author    = {J. P. Dubois},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Stochastic modeling of network traffic is an area of
significant research activity for current and future broadband
communication networks. Multimedia traffic is statistically
characterized by a bursty variable bit rate (VBR) profile. In this
paper, we develop an improved model for uniform activity level
video sources in ATM using a doubly stochastic autoregressive
model driven by an underlying spatial point process. We then
examine a number of burstiness metrics such as the peak-to-average
ratio (PAR), the temporal autocovariance function (ACF) and the
traffic measurements histogram. We found that the former measure is
most suitable for capturing the burstiness of single scene video
traffic. In the last phase of this work, we analyse statistical
multiplexing of several constant scene video sources. This proved,
expectedly, to be advantageous with respect to reducing the
burstiness of the traffic, as long as the sources are statistically
independent. We observed that the burstiness was rapidly
diminishing, with the largest gain occuring when only around 5
sources are multiplexed. The novel model used in this paper for
characterizing uniform activity video was thus found to be an
accurate model.},
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