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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Effect of Heat Input on the Weld Metal Toughness of Chromium-Molybdenum Steel},
  author    = {M. S. Kaiser},
  country   = {Bangladesh},
  institution={Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology},
  abstract  = {An attempt has been made to determine the strength
and impact properties of Cr-Mo steel weld and base materials by
varying the current during manual metal arc welding. Toughness over
a temperature range from -32 to 100°C of base, heat affected zone
(HAZ) and weld zones at three current settings are made. It is
observed that the deterioration in notch toughness at any zone with
the temperature decreases. The values of notch toughness for all
zones at -32°C are almost same for any current settings. The values
of notch toughness at HAZ area are higher than that of weld area due
to the coarsening of ferrite grain of HAZ occurs with higher heat
input. From microhardness and microstructure result, it can be
concluded that large inclusion content in weld deposit is the cause of
lower notch toughness value.},
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