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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Piezoelectric Polarization Effect on Debye Frequency and Temperature in Nitride Wurtzites},
  author    = {Bijay Kumar Sahoo and  Ashok Kumar Srivastav},
  country   = {India},
  institution={National Institute of Technology, Raipur},
  abstract  = {We have investigated the effect of piezoelectric (PZ)
polarization property in binary as well as in ternary wurtzite nitrides.
It is found that with the presence of PZ polarization property, the
phonon group velocity is modified. The change in phonon group
velocity due to PZ polarization effect directly depends on
piezoelectric tensor value. Using different piezoelectric tensor values
recommended by different workers in the literature, percent change in
group velocities of phonons has been estimated. The Debye
temperatures and frequencies of binary nitrides GaN, AlN and InN
are also calculated using the modified group velocities. For ternary
nitrides AlxGa(1-x)N, InxGa(1-x)N and InxAl(1-x)N, the phonon group
velocities have been calculated as a functions of composition. A
small positive bowing is observed in phonon group velocities of
ternary alloys. Percent variations in phonon group velocities are also
calculated for a straightforward comparison among ternary nitrides.
The results are expected to show a change in phonon relaxation rates
and thermal conductivity of III-nitrides when piezoelectric
polarization property is taken into consideration.},
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