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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {An Investigation into Turbine Blade Tip Leakage Flows at High Speeds},
  author    = {Z. Saleh and  E. J. Avital and  T. Korakianitis},
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  abstract  = {The effect of the blade tip geometry of a high pressure
gas turbine is studied experimentally and computationally for high
speed leakage flows. For this purpose two simplified models are
constructed, one models a flat tip of the blade and the second models
a cavity tip of the blade. Experimental results are obtained from a
transonic wind tunnel to show the static pressure distribution along
the tip wall and provide flow visualization. RANS computations
were carried to provide further insight into the mean flow behavior
and to calculate the discharge coefficient which is a measure of the
flow leaking over the tip. It is shown that in both geometries of tip
the flow separates over the tip to form a separation bubble. The
bubble is higher for the cavity tip while a complete shock wave
system of oblique waves ending with a normal wave can be seen for
the flat tip. The discharge coefficient for the flat tip shows less
dependence on the pressure ratio over the blade tip than the cavity
tip. However, the discharge coefficient for the cavity tip is lower than
that of the flat tip, showing a better ability to reduce the leakage flow
and thus increase the turbine efficiency.},
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