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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {The Effect of Binahong to Hematoma},
  author    = {Sri Sumartiningsih},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {In elevating performance in competetive sports, an
athlete must continously train in achieving maximum
performance,but needs to pay attention to recovery therapy, that is to
recover from fatigue as well as injury.The correct recovery therapy
will assist in process of recovery and helps in the training in
achieving better performace. Binahong (Anredera cordifolia) was
proven empirically by the locals in assisting speedy recovery from an
injury.Clinical research with lab animals receiving blunt trauma
injury, microscopically shown signs of: 1) redness, 2) heatiness, 3)
swelling and, 4) lack of activity. There is also microscopic indication
of: 1) infiltration of inflame cells (migration of cells to the trauma
area), 2) Cells necrosis, 3) Congestion (as a result of dead red blood
cells), 4) uedema. On administration of Binahong for 3 days, there is
a significant drop of 5% in cell inflammation, 2% increase of
fibroblast (cell membrance) count.Conclutin: Binahong do assist in
reducing cell inflammation and increase counts of cells fibroblast.
Suggestion: In helping athlete's to recover from force injury, we need
study about Binahong's roots to inflammation cell and healing of
injuried cell.},
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