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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Influence of Ambiguity Cluster on Quality Improvement in Image Compression},
  author    = {Safaa Al-Ali and  Ahmad Shahin and  Fadi Chakik},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Image coding based on clustering provides immediate
access to targeted features of interest in a high quality decoded
image. This approach is useful for intelligent devices, as well as for
multimedia content-based description standards. The result of image
clustering cannot be precise in some positions especially on pixels
with edge information which produce ambiguity among the clusters.
Even with a good enhancement operator based on PDE, the quality of
the decoded image will highly depend on the clustering process. In
this paper, we introduce an ambiguity cluster in image coding to
represent pixels with vagueness properties. The presence of such
cluster allows preserving some details inherent to edges as well for
uncertain pixels. It will also be very useful during the decoding phase
in which an anisotropic diffusion operator, such as Perona-Malik,
enhances the quality of the restored image. This work also offers a
comparative study to demonstrate the effectiveness of a fuzzy
clustering technique in detecting the ambiguity cluster without losing
lot of the essential image information. Several experiments have been
carried out to demonstrate the usefulness of ambiguity concept in
image compression. The coding results and the performance of the
proposed algorithms are discussed in terms of the peak signal-tonoise
ratio and the quantity of ambiguous pixels.},
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