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  title    = {Investigation on Machine Tools Energy Consumptions },
  author    = {Shiva Abdoli and  Daniel T. Semere},
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  institution={Royal Institute of Technology},
  abstract  = {Several researches have been conducted to study
consumption of energy in cutting process. Most of these researches
are focusing to measure the consumption and propose consumption
reduction methods. In this work, the relation between the cutting
parameters and the consumption is investigated in order to establish a
generalized energy consumption model that can be used for process
and production planning in real production lines. Using the
generalized model, the process planning will be carried out by taking
into account the energy as a function of the selected process
parameters. Similarly, the generalized model can be used in
production planning to select the right operational parameters like
batch sizes, routing, buffer size, etc. in a production line. The
description and derivation of the model as well as a case study are
given in this paper to illustrate the applicability and validity of the
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