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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Computational Modeling of Combustion Wave in Nanoscale Thermite Reaction},
  author    = {Kyoungjin Kim},
  country   = {Korea, Republic Of},
  institution={Kumoh National Institute of Technology},
  abstract  = {Nanoscale thermites such as the composite mixture of
nano-sized aluminum and molybdenum trioxide powders possess
several technical advantages such as much higher reaction rate and
shorter ignition delay, when compared to the conventional energetic
formulations made of micron-sized metal and oxidizer particles. In this
study, the self-propagation of combustion wave in compacted pellets
of nanoscale thermite composites is modeled and computationally
investigated by utilizing the activation energy reduction of aluminum
particles due to nanoscale particle sizes. The present computational
model predicts the speed of combustion wave propagation which is
good agreement with the corresponding experiments of thermite
reaction. Also, several characteristics of thermite reaction in nanoscale
composites are discussed including the ignition delay and combustion
wave structures.
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