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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Motivations for Using Social Networking Sites by College Students for Educational Purposes},
  author    = {Kholoud H. Al-Zedjali and  Abir S. Al-Harrasi and  Ali H. Al-Badi},
  country   = {Oman},
  institution={Sultan Qaboos University},
  abstract  = {Recently there has been a dramatic proliferation in
the number of social networking sites (SNSs) users; however, little
is published about what motivates college students to use SNSs in
education. The main goal of this research is to explore the college
students’ motives for using SNSs in education. A conceptual
framework has therefore been developed to identify the main
factors that influence/motivate students to use social networking
sites for learning purposes. To achieve the research objectives a
quantitative method was used to collect data. A questionnaire has
been distributed amongst college students. The results reveal that
social influence, perceived enjoyment, institute regulation,
perceived usefulness, ranking up-lift, attractiveness,
communication tools, free of charge, sharing material and course
nature all play an important role in the motivation of college
students to use SNSs for learning purposes.
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