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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Neural Networks for Distinguishing the Performance of Two Hip Joint Implants on the Basis of Hip Implant Side and Ground Reaction Force},
  author    = {L. Parisi},
  country   = {United Kingdom},
  institution={Cardiff University},
  abstract  = {In this research work, neural networks were applied to
classify two types of hip joint implants based on the relative hip joint
implant side speed and three components of each ground reaction
force. The condition of walking gait at normal velocity was used and
carried out with each of the two hip joint implants assessed. Ground
reaction forces’ kinetic temporal changes were considered in the first
approach followed but discarded in the second one. Ground reaction
force components were obtained from eighteen patients under such
gait condition, half of which had a hip implant type I-II, whilst the
other half had the hip implant, defined as type III by Orthoload®.
After pre-processing raw gait kinetic data and selecting the time
frames needed for the analysis, the ground reaction force components
were used to train a MLP neural network, which learnt to distinguish
the two hip joint implants in the abovementioned condition. Further
to training, unknown hip implant side and ground reaction force
components were presented to the neural networks, which assigned
those features into the right class with a reasonably high accuracy for
the hip implant type I-II and the type III. The results suggest that
neural networks could be successfully applied in the performance
assessment of hip joint implants.
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