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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Web-Content Analysis of the Major Spanish Tourist Destinations Evaluation by Russian Tourists},
  author    = {Natalia Polkanova and  Sergey Kazakov},
  country   = {Russian Federation},
  institution={National Research University Higher School of Economics},
  abstract  = {In the second decade of the XXI century the role of
tourism destination attractiveness is becoming increasingly important
for destination management. Competition in tourism market moves
from ordinary service quality to provision of unforgettable emotional
experience for tourists. The main purpose of the present study is to
identify the perception of the tourism destinations based on the
number of factors related to its tourist attractiveness.
The content analysis method was used to analyze the on-line
tourist feedback data immensely available in Social Media and in
travel related sites. The collected data made it possible to procure the
information which is necessary to understand the perceived
attractiveness of the destinations and key destination appeal factors
that are important for Russian leisure travelers.
Results of the present study demonstrate key attractiveness factors
or destination ‘properties’ that were unveiled as the most important
for Russian leisure tourists. The study targeted five main Spanish
tourism destinations that initially were determined by in-depth
interview with a number of Russian nationals who had visited Spain
at least once.
The research results can be useful for Spanish Tourism
Organization Representation office in Russia as well as for the other
national tourism organizations in order to promote their respective
destinations for Russian travelers focusing on main attractiveness
factors identified in this study.
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