Open Science Research Excellence

Assist. Prof. Dr. Phongsak Phakamach


The Army Research and Development Office


Department of Research and Development

Research Fields

Aerospace Engineering, Automatic Control System, Sliding Mode Control System, Fuzzy Logic System, Motor Drives and Control




Control of a DC Servomotor Using Fuzzy Logic Sliding Mode Model Following Controller

A DC servomotor position control system using a Fuzzy Logic Sliding mode Model Following Control or FLSMFC approach is presented. The FLSMFC structure consists of an integrator and variable structure system. The integral control is introduced into it in order to eliminated steady state error due to step and ramp command inputs and improve control precision, while the fuzzy control would maintain the insensitivity to parameter variation and disturbances. The FLSMFC strategy is implemented and applied to a position control of a DC servomotor drives. Experimental results indicated that FLSMFC system performance with respect to the sensitivity to parameter variations is greatly reduced. Also, excellent control effects and avoids the chattering phenomenon.

Sliding mode model following control, fuzzy logic, DC servomotor.