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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Current Strategic Trends – A Comparative Analysis of Hungarian Corporations},
  author    = {Gyula Fülöp and  Bettina Hernádi},
  country   = {Hungary},
  institution={University of Miskolc},
  abstract  = {This paper deals with current strategic challenges
related to the reshaping of the basic conditions of corporate operations.
Through the experimental analysis of some domestic corporations, it
presents how and to what extent Hungarian corporations are prepared
for the current strategic challenges. The study examines how strategic
directions and answer opportunities have changed in the following
interrelated areas in the past five years: economic globalization,
corporate sustainability, IT applications, labor force diversity and
ethical competences. The conclusions of the empirical survey give a
reliable basis on which economic organizations and enterprises can
formulate their strategy.
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