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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Cogeneration Unit for Small Stove},
  author    = {Michal Spilacek and  Marian Brazdil and  Otakar Stelcl and  Jiri Pospisil},
  country   = {Czech Republic},
  institution={Brno University of Technology},
  abstract  = {This paper shows an experimental testing of a small
unit for combustion of solid fuels, such as charcoal and wood logs,
that can provide electricity. One of the concepts is that the unit does
not require qualified personnel for its operation. The unit itself is
composed of two main parts. The design requires a heat producing
stove and electricity producing thermoelectric generator. After the
construction the unit was tested and the results show that the
emission release is within the legislative requirements for emission
production and environmental protection. That qualifies such unit for
indoor application.
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