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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {An Earth Mover’s Distance Algorithm Based DDoS Detection Mechanism in SDN},
  author    = {Yang Zhou and  Kangfeng Zheng and  Wei Ni and  Ren Ping Liu},
  country   = {China},
  institution={Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications},
  abstract  = {Software-defined networking (SDN) provides a solution
for scalable network framework with decoupled control and data
plane. However, this architecture also induces a particular distributed
denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that can affect or even overwhelm
the SDN network. DDoS attack detection problem has to date been
mostly researched as entropy comparison problem. However, this
problem lacks the utilization of SDN, and the results are not accurate.
In this paper, we propose a DDoS attack detection method, which
interprets DDoS detection as a signature matching problem and is
formulated as Earth Mover’s Distance (EMD) model. Considering
the feasibility and accuracy, we further propose to define the cost
function of EMD to be a generalized Kullback-Leibler divergence.
Simulation results show that our proposed method can detect DDoS
attacks by comparing EMD values with the ones computed in the case
without attacks. Moreover, our method can significantly increase the
true positive rate of detection.},
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