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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Combined Microwaves and Microreactors Plant},
  author    = {Shigenori Togashi and  Mitsuhiro Matsuzawa},
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  institution={Hitachi Ltd.},
  abstract  = {A pilot plant for continuous flow microwave-assisted
chemical reaction combined with microreactors was developed and
water heating tests were conducted for evaluation of the developed
plant. We developed a microwave apparatus having a single
microwave generator that can heat reaction solutions in four reaction
fields simultaneously in order to increase throughput. We also
designed a four-branch waveguide using electromagnetic simulation,
and found that the transmission efficiency at 99%. Finally, we
developed the pilot plant using the developed microwave apparatus
and conducted water heating tests. The temperatures in the respective
reaction fields were controlled within ±1.1 K at 353.2 K. Moreover,
the energy absorption rates by the water were about 90% in the
respective reaction fields, whereas the energy absorption rate was
about 40% when 100 cm3 of water was heated by a commercially
available multimode microwave chemical reactor.},
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