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  abstract  = {Titanium alloys like Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo (Ti-
6246) are widely used in aerospace applications. Component
manufacturing, however, is difficult and expensive as their
machinability is extremely poor. A thorough understanding of the
chip formation process is needed to improve related metal cutting
operations.In the current study, orthogonal cutting experiments have
been performed and theresulting chips were analyzed by optical
microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.Chips from aTi-
6246ingot were produced at different cutting speeds and cutting
depths. During the experiments, depending of the cutting conditions,
continuous or segmented chips were formed. Narrow, highly
deformed and grain oriented zones, the so-called shear zone,
separated individual segments. Different material properties have
been measured in the shear zones and the segments.},
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