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About WASET.org Mission The WASET.org supports, promotes, preserves, expands, and disseminates scholarly research knowledge in the sciences, technology, arts, and humanities while embracing the philosophical principle of the universality, freedom, and responsibility of science. The WASET.org is dedicated to excellence in scholarly research and innovation, creative endeavors, and fosters free inquiry while embracing diversity. Vision The WASET.org strives to be one of the world's premier organizations in scholarly research and innovation for global sustainable development. The WASET.org is devoted to transforming the lives of scholarly researchers and shaping the future of global society by offering scholarly researchers in diverse disciplines a climate of inquiry, engagement, collegiality, achievement, and global distinction. WASET.org FAQs This is a list of answers to most of the common questions people ask about WASET.org. The WASET.org FAQs support is intended as a first resource for visitors. However, if you are not able to find a solution to your request or problem here, the WASET.org Operations Team will be happy to answer any questions, explain a regulation or offer any special assistance you may require.
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