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Commenced in January 2007 Frequency: Monthly Edition: International Abstract Count: 55678

Revealing the Feature of Mind Wandering on People with High Creativity and High Mental Health through Experience Sampling Method
Mind wandering is a mental phenomenon of drifting away from a current task or external environment toward inner thought. This research examines the feature of mind wandering which people who have high creativity and high mental health engage in because it is expected that mind wandering which such kind of people engage in may not induce negative affect, although it can improve creativity. Sixty-seven participants were required to complete questionnaires which measured their creativity and mental health. After that, researchers conducted experience sampling method and measured the details of their mind wandering and the situation when mind wandering was generated in daily life for three days. The result showed that high creative people and high mental health people more think about positive things during mind wandering and less think about negative things. In further research, researchers will examine how to induce positive thought during mind wandering and how to inhibit negative thought during mind wandering. Doing so will contribute to improve creative problem solving without generation of negative affect.